Thích Muốn

Talc Powder - Mondana 15 HT

Mondana 15 HT by Mondo Minerals Hà Lan

Đặc điểm : Tinh khiết, siêu mịn, độ sáng cao, tan cực nhanh.

Ứng dụng : Sử dụng trong sản xuất hóa mỹ phẩm như sữa tắm, bột phấn cho em bé, kem đánh răng, phấn má hồng, 

Chứng nhận : HALAL, KOSHER Certificates

The purity, naturalness, quality, and consistency of Mondana is all thanks to the wide-ranging know-how of Mondo Minerals. Using state-of-the-art technology and adhering closely to precise steps in the production chain (from initial geological studies to final jet milling), the leading multinational talc producer is able to turn a raw material into one of the purest, most consistent, high-quality cosmetic talcs in the world. Mondana is a natural, ultra-fine mineral of high purity. Colourless and unperfumed, it is the perfect protector for sensitive skin – and, ultimately, the secret to seductive make-up – consisting of pure minerals for a perfect tone and breath-taking look.